MediaCampLA Venues – What do we need/want/desire?

Being guided by the all important cliche that “you don’t get what you don’t ask for”, here are some notes on what would make a perfect venue for MediaCampLA. That fact is, no venue is perfect, but there are a few things that make organizing and running the unconference day easier.

The Dianne G. Van Hook University Center at College of Canyons, where I co-chair CareerCampSCV (happening July 16), meets most of these criteria and works very well for an unconference event. You could certainly use that space as a guideline of what works well.

  • Open WiFi ccess
  • 1 large Lobby/Hangout room for sign-ins, opening session, lunch, closing session and ad hoc breakout sessions
  • 4-6 rooms with
    • seating
    • projectors
    • white boards/chalkboards
    • All rooms best if they are on the same floor
  • Nice blank wall or white board to host schedule board for the day
  • Large and easily accessible bathrooms
  • Parking (free, hopefully)
  • Access to Mass Transit (i.e. subway, bus, rail)

Thanks in advance to anyone who has a venue to offer or a suggestion of someone we should contact!


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Thanks to Liam Johnson (@editorliam) for the MCLA logos!

Mad props to co-chair, Liam Johnson (@editorliam), for his quick creation of the MediaCampLA logo and avatar graphics. With much kibitzing from the other co-chairs he presented a great original idea and then tweaked it over and over. I think the result is quite nice and will serve us well as we move forward.

Main Logo

Mediacamp logo sm

Social Media Avatar


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New MediaCampLA Co-chairs

We have several new co-chairs for MediaCampLA. Check out their links in the sidebar to the right.

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MediaCampLA in the planning stages — Become an organizer!

Following our successful CareerCampLA and CareerCampSCV, I am moving forward with another unconference idea I have had for a while — MediaCampLA.

This unconference will focus on New Media of all sorts including online video sharing sites, podcasting and social media like Facebook, Twitter and more.

I have set up a mailing list for MediaCampLA at We have a very basic web page up at

There is also the beginnings of a planning document at:

If you are interested in helping organize MediaCampLA, please join the mailing list and share your ideas there and on the planning document.

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MediaCampLA is now in the planning stages!

MediaCampLA, an New Media unconference for LA is now in the planning stages. If you would like to be a member of the organizing committee, send email to

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